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what to wear!

{this page is under construction!}

the most common question with new clients is “what do you recommend that we wear for our session?” until now, the best way to answer that was a lengthy (and probably confusing – i tend to ramble, oops!) email with all sorts of links. just like my page with information on my favorite locations, this page is here to help you decide what kind of outfits you want to wear for your session!


whether you’re preparing for an engagement session, or just a fun session together, couples sessions can feel stressful to prepare for. do you guys want to be casual and cute, flirty and fun, or sexy and sophisticated? do you want to bring two outfits or 17? i always recommend bringing at least one extra set of outfits with you – you can always leave them in the car – but even more extra options won’t hurt. maybe you’ll decide half way through your session that you would rather be in a different outfit, and having that option takes the pressure off of you in that situation. accessories can also help to change up a look without changing your whole outfit – sunglasses, hats, a cardigan, etc.

i also like to remind you – especially the ladies – that this is the time to show off! do you have an amazing pair of shoes that you never get to wear? wear them! i love detail shots, so this is the time to bring out those accessories you always want to. and remember, if we’re doing an engagement session, your hands will probably be the star of a few photos. if you don’t want to be worried about the state of your nails, clean up your cuticles and put on your favorite polish, or splurge on a manicure. you’ll feel way better about ring shots if you’re not worried that your hands look less than fabulous.

for a ton of ideas, check out my pinterest board full of couples ideas.


my number one, most important tip for families, no matter the size, is: DON’T match – DO coordinate. matching is when everyone wears the same outfit, without any variations. coordinating is choosing a color scheme (or palette) and making sure everyone looks visually pleasing together. i heard someone describe choosing coordinating outfits for family sessions like this once, and it stuck with me: you want all of the pieces of everyones outfits to go together as if you were putting together one (really big) outfit. i know this can be really hard to understand in writing, so i recommend checking out my family outfit ideas board on pinterest.

when planning outfits, i also like to remind clients to think about patterns, layers, and texture. choosing a limited color scheme works really well if you let everyone use lots of different patterns and textures within that color scheme. think a striped shirt on dad, a floral dress on your daughter, and a polka-dotted cardigan for mom. if all of those things are one color scheme – black and white, for example – they’ll still look great together, and it won’t look like you’re all wearing the exact same thing. layers and texture also photograph really well, plus layers are a great way to change your look without any work at all.

if you want to open up your families color scheme to include more colors so you really pop in photos, but you’re unsure if you can be trusted to choose a color scheme on your own, i recommend browsing COLOURlovers. there are tons of new, fabulous color schemes daily, and there’s always a new combo that i never would have thought of on my own that looks totally killer. the most loved section is always a good place to start (so you don’t get too overwhelmed by options).


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